Prendersi cura di una giacca The North Face


To take care of your The North Face jacket you must take into account the material with which it was made and follow the cleaning instructions clearly written on the label inside it. 

Whether you own a Triclimate 3 in 1 or a Deptford down jacket , you will find specific washing recommendations for each model and it will be important that you follow them if you want to make sure that your jacket is always on top during your adventures.


How to take care of a The North Face jacket

As already mentioned, all The North Face jackets have specific washing instructions shown on the label that is inside them, to whose details you will always have to pay attention. There is no equal formula for all types of jackets since the washing methods related to the models of each collection differ according to the material they are made of.

However, in addition to washing following the specific instructions contained on the label, there are other small precautions to be taken if you want to preserve the integrity of your jacket, which generally are good for all The North Face jackets. Treating an item of clothing well while wearing it is something anyone can do, regardless of the material it was made of. For example, avoiding thorny branches when walking in a forest, cleaning and / or brushing mud stains once back home, and hanging your jacket to prevent creases are all precautions that will allow you to do it. last longer and keep its original appearance intact.


How to wash a The North Face jacket

The material a jacket is made of determines how it should be cleaned and washed. Some models can be machine washed using a cold water cycle, while other types need to be professionally hand washed or dry cleaned.


How to wash a waterproof jacket

Whether the outer coating of your The North Face jacket is made with FutureLight or DryVent fabric , as in the case of the  Sangro jacket , the cleaning instructions are often the same and regularly washing a waterproof jacket really helps to preserve its DWR (durable water repellent).

Our FutureLight jackets can be washed in the washing machine, and we recommend closing all zippers and Velcro closures before washing, including those on the sleeves that you can forget about. We recommend using a mild powder detergent, rather than a liquid one, and washing with a gentle cycle in cold water. To make sure there are no traces of detergent left, we suggest you repeat the rinse cycle a second time before hanging up your jacket and allowing it to dry naturally.




How to wash a fleece jacket

Fleece jackets are quite durable and therefore can be washed in a similar way to that recommended for waterproof jackets, which is especially handy if you own one of our  Evolve II Triclimate jackets  , which include a removable fleece jacket and a waterproof outer. .

We recommend that you close all zippers and Velcro fasteners before washing with a mild detergent, using a cold water cycle. For perfect cleaning, you can turn the jacket inside out before washing it and thus avoid the formation of fluff. After washing, the best way to dry your fleece jacket is to leave it in the open air.


How to wash a duvet

Down jackets, like the  stretch down jacket  , are filled with goose feathers, which makes them more difficult to clean than fleece and waterproof jackets. Yet periodic cleaning is essential to preserve its noble goose feathers and make this type of garment last a long time.

You can clean the duvet yourself, but you will have to be very careful: when the duvet is wet it gets tangled and, if not dried properly, will no longer perform its function properly. We recommend taking it to a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning products made with down to prevent damage to the material and padding of your jacket. However, if you decide to wash your duvet at home, we suggest you use a very mild detergent in cold water and dry it with the dryer or hang it horizontally leaving it in the open air.

Visit our  sit  or for more information. Regular cleaning of your  The North Face  jacket will help keep it in top condition throughout its life and, as long as you follow the specific washing instructions on the label, you will enjoy it for many years.