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Top 4 career highlights

  • 1st in Spartan and OCR World Championships (2014)
  • Won the final ranking of Sky Extreme (2016 and 2017)
  • Won the Trail World Championships (2019)
  • Won the OCC at Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (2021)


Jon is an extremely successful Obstacle Course Runner and Trail Runner born and raised in the UK.

Though late to the game in terms of competing, starting at the age of 20, Jon certainly made a name for himself quickly. He stormed onto the OCR scene before taking his skills to the hills and mountains, competing in, and winning, many ultra and mountain races alongside obstacle course racing.

Jon has won both the Spartan and OCR World Championships, which propelled him to worldwide recognition, as well as becoming the Toughest Mini Tour Champion, winning the Spartan European Championships, and taking the win at the renowned Tough Guy race.

However, Jon wouldn’t just limit himself to OCR and soon displayed his prowess in skyrunning. After moving to Bergen, Norway, he began to compete in extreme skyrunning events across Europe. He has twice won the final ranking of Sky Extreme Series and has once been the overall winner of the Skyrunner World Series. He also became Ultra SkyRunning World Champion and has claimed Gold at the IAU Trail World Championships. He also managed to smash the course record of the UTMB OCC race at the time, where he took more than 16 minutes off the previous time.

We are sure Jon will continue to hit similar heights as a The North Face Athlete.

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