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Markus Eder


Markus Eder is crowned World Champion 2019 following a competitive final run in Verbier.



Markus grew up in the beautiful Italian village of Luttach in the South Tyrol where the spectacular mountains and colourful ski culture triggered an intense passion for skiing and adventure. As a young boy he enjoyed racing but he soon realised that he wanted to inject more fun and innovation into his favourite sport. He began to focus more on freestyle skiing - a decision which changed the course of his career.

When Markus started competing in freestyle skiing, he enjoyed early success, surging to fame with a first place at Nine Knights in 2010. He was the only wild card in the freestyle contest and video competition against the world's best freestyle skiers. In 2011, he also discovered his love for freeriding, and surprised everyone again by finishing second at Red Bull Linecatcher 2011 as a park rider. Since then Markus has also enjoyed exploring mountains. His ambition is to be an all-round skier capable of doing hard tricks in the park but also skiing big lines in Alaska. He wants to be able to deliver at a high level in everything he does and enjoys the freedom that comes from being able to excel in any conditions.

In the coming seasons, Markus will be keeping his freeriding adventures playful, throwing exciting tricks on jumps and rails into his repertoire, making new movies, and going on expeditions around the world. He enjoys working with MSP Films and in 2015 featured in their epic movie Fade To Winter. The experience inspired him to work on new creative ideas and to work hard to bring them to life. He’s keen to explore the alpinist side of freeskiing with some future big mountain expeditions, but for now he is happy filming, delivering new tricks and enjoying every day on the slopes.